Trading Tips for Beginners – Top 5 Must-Do’s

While by no means something super-easy or to be taken lightly, online trading can be learned, when one follows a certain set rules and tips to maximize their opportunities. If you are a newer trader, these five fundamental tips will help you get started as easy as possible, while at the same time prepare you on your journey to become a professional trader… View more


The 5 essential rules how to protect your trading account?

Many people have turned to online trading, which presents great opportunities to trade major cryptocurrencies from the comfort of their home on through a mobile device. And while this activity has a certain degree of novelty as in being a side profession, many do not pay enough attention on doing basic and fundamental things to secure their account and get a safe trading… View more


Cryptocurrencies in 2021 – 5 exciting digital money to follow!

Ethereum has been around for years now, and within that time, it has managed to qualify as the second most traded digital currency after Bitcoin. It is both a decentralized platform and a coin with its native ERC-20 token. The Ethereum platform allows developers to create smart contracts and decentralized applications. The platform’s token is Ether, used by consumers… View more